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Propecia is used to treat only androgenic alopecia (synonyms: male-pattern baldness, hereditary alopecia). Approximately 95% of all cases of alopecia refers to this type. Product is not intended to treat other forms of hair loss: Alopecia areata (alopecia areata), alopecia, caused by lack of vitamins and nutrients, etc. forms of alopecia. The nature of these forms of hair loss is quite different than in the case of androgenic alopecia, and the benefits of Propecia to be little or no at all.

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Often the question arises: "If I take Propecia and it may be harmful to my posterity, as being about the possible appearance of finasteride in semen?". On this subject conducted special clinical studies. Monitor the presence of finasteride in semen in 35 men daily for 6 months of taking Propecia. In 60% of Propecia in semen was not detected at all. In other cases, the average level of Propecia in semen was 0.26 ng / mL. The highest value level was 1.52 ng / ml. Assuming that the level of finasteride in semen always be the highest detected level and that the woman's vagina daily happens 100% of the absorbed dose 5 ml of ejaculate, it turns out that the human body affects the dose is 750 times smaller than it was in experiments on rhesus monkeys - classical laboratory animals. I.e., a dose 750 times greater than in the case under consideration, monkeys did not cause any side effects in terms of developmental abnormalities, etc. Nor was any anomalies of a male fetus when Propecia is administered intravenously directly into the blood of pregnant rhesus monkeys in an amount in excess of 750 times that amount, the impact of which is subject to a pregnant woman from the man, receiving daily 1 mg of finasteride (Propecia 1 tablet).

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